From Favorite Foods to Favorite Gifts in Five Easy Steps

Does the mere mention of chocolate start your mouth watering?   Do artisanal jams and jellies make your morning toast sing with delight?


The foodstuff of my affection is coconut. Whether toasted, shredded, or enrobed in chocolate, I swoon over all things coconut.  Give me a sweet treat and I will thank you.  Give me something containing coconut and I will ooh and ahh and purr loudly when I taste it.


Giving someone a gift of their favorite food guarantees they’ll love it, plus they’ll love you for paying attention to what they like!  Gifting the person’s favorite food works for any occasion—a Father’s Day assortment of olives for dad’s beloved martinis; a birthday basket of French toast fixin’s for your brother; a variety of spicy foods for the friend who carries a bottle of Sriracha in his backpack or briefcase.  Food gifts have the added benefit of being easy to purchase at your local grocery store and thanks to the Internet, even the most exotic foods are just a few clicks away.  I find that some familiar items (“My favorite!”) as well as some new ones (I can’t wait to try those!”) provide a great mix.


Once you select some of the person’s favorite foods, you can add related items if you like—include some fun toothpicks with dad’s martini olives; attach a spatula to the ingredients for French toast; throw in a few jalapeno peppers with the spicy foods.


From here, you can make the presentation as simple or as elaborate as you like.  I always love when the theme/sentiment of the gift extends to the wrapping.  Is that something you have to do?  No way!  But wouldn’t those toothpicks and jars of martini olives look sweet presented in a giant martini glass?   (The dollar store is an awesome place to find creative wrapping solutions.)


And now…NOW is your opportunity!  With just a wee bit of effort, you can transform a gift that is sure to be enjoyed into one that comes to life and provides an opportunity for you and your loved one to connect.




Make the gift even more special by adding some sweetness: include a note explaining WHY you chose to give that particular gift and any special memory you have related to it.  All too often, we think that the person will know what we’re thinking because it is “so obvious.”   They might…or they might not. Taking just a moment to communicate our intentions gives the person a window into our mind and our hearts.


Using one of the examples above, you might write,

“Dad, remember that summer we took a vacation to Niagara Falls?  You said the olives they grew on a nearby farm were responsible for the best martini in the world and made the 10-hour car ride—and the flat tire—worth it!  Hope you enjoy these as much.”


Those few lines added in the card instantly take a well-chosen gift and inject it with personality and give you and your loved one an opportunity to relive a wonderful shared memory.  When you do this, it’s like you wrapped the gift with love.


The most important part?  HAVE FUN!  Gifts are a way to celebrate the special people in our lives.  I promise your loved ones want you to enjoy selecting and giving the gift as much as you want them to enjoy receiving the gift.


Whether your loved one is celebrating Father’s Day, a birthday or any other occasion, may it be an awesome day.  Bon appetit!




  1. Identify the person’s favorite food. This is a sure-fire way to guarantee they’ll love the gift.
  2. Select a variety of flavors; sizes; brands; types. Some familiar treats as well as some new ones make for a nice mix.
  3. Add some items related to the favorite food. This is a fun way to include some
    complementary items.
  4. Have fun wrapping the gift. Bonus points for incorporating the theme of the gift in the wrapping. You’re going to wrap the gift anyway, so why not let your inner creative genius have some fun!
  5. Wrap with Love: include a note explaining WHY you chose this particular gift and any shared memory you have. This sweetens the gift and provides an opportunity to connect more deeply with your loved one as you relive a memorable experience.