A Sporting Idea for Both of You

superbowl cropWhat if you could use Super Bowl Sunday to guarantee you & your sweetie had a fabulous Valentine’s Day? Play this quick & easy version of a Fantasy Football pool…

1. Let your sweetie know you’d like to take a fun & easy approach to Valentine’s Day this year.

2. You and your sweetie EACH write down four items/activities/fantasies you would appreciate as a gesture of love on Valentine’s Day. These are your WISHES. All wishes must be written down in under 5 minutes. As this is YOUR Fantasy Football pool…it’s up to you to decide whether your fantasy involves the UPS man stumbling upon the French maid, or if its more along the lines of a sweet card or cleaning out the garage. ☺

3. It doesn’t matter what the wishes are—write me a poem, clean out the garage, wear that sexy red outfit that drives me wild… You can share your wishes with your sweetie or keep them to yourself.

4. Ask your sweetie to select “EVEN” or “ODD”.

5. At the end of the first quarter of today’s Super Bowl game, add up the TOTAL number of points each team has scored. For instance, if the score is 11-7 after the first quarter, you would add 11+7 and get 18.

6. If the combined score of the quarter is even, the person who selected “EVEN” is the winner. If the combined score of the quarter is odd, the person who selected “ODD” is the winner.

7. The winner of the quarter WINS the fulfillment of one wish by his/her sweetie.

8. Repeat for each of the three remaining quarters and everyone is a Valentine’s Day winner (Technically, one person could win all four quarters. In this instance, I suggest the winner gets to select which of the loser’s wishes to fulfill…because c’mon! We’re playing for Valentine’s Day!) The Fantasy Football pool may provide the ideas…but the real celebration comes when you and your sweetie enjoy a fabulous Valentine’s Day! It’s worth noting that the game above works equally well before or after the big game. If you choose to play Fantasy Football after the Super Bowl champion has been crowned, just go back and check out the scores of the game by quarter…but no cheating! Ask your sweetie to pick “even” or “odd” first.

Now who’s ready for some football????? 

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