Make Their Heart Grow Two Sizes Bigger: 37 of the Most Awesome Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Easy, actionable things you can do to make Valentine’s Day super special.  Convenient categories help you find a creative idea that will make their day.

Got a plan for Valentine’s Day? 



Maybe so?

Whether you are starting from scratch or you already have a gift idea and want to make it even more special, we’ve got you covered! 

Decide NOW what you are going to do for Valentine’s Day!

By doing so, you can feel confident that on February 14th, your loved ones will know how much they mean to you…which in turn can make you feel more loved.

I love the virtuous cycle of gift giving don’t you!  😉

Only YOU Can Provide that Special Touch for Your Special Someone

I’ve gathered 37 great gift ideas for your consideration.  They’re organized into the following categories so that you can quickly find something that best meets your needs.

  1. Start their day off sweetly 
  2. Share the reasons why you love them
  3. Build excitement for the gift
  4. The way to the heart is through the stomach
  5. Sweet words make great gifts 
  6. Last minute ideas to the rescue
  7. High tech Valentine’s

Check ‘em out and see what resonates. 

What you WON’T find?

The traditional Valentine’s Day gift suggestions for long-stem red roses, romantic dinner rendezvous or sparkly jewelry. 

Any one of those gifts might delight your special someone, but the ideas below are meant to add that special touch that only YOU can provide. 

1. Start their Day with a Lot of Love

Let your significant other, your kids, or that friend who’s always there for you, know how much they mean to you the morning of Valentine’s Day by doing something sweet. 

All it takes is a small loving gesture like a sweet note to put a bounce in someone’s step as they head off to school or work.

While others they encounter may be wondering IF they’ll receive a token of affection at some point during the day, your special people will start the day knowing how loved they are.

Even the “I’m-not-a-morning” person will smile if you do one of these:

  • Post a sticky note on their smartphone or alarm clock reading, “Good Morning Sunshine! I love you!”
  • Place sticky notes into the shape of a heart on the bathroom mirror
  • Leave a romantic note by their morning coffee mug
  • Set the breakfast table with your best crystal and China
  • Surprise them with some Hershey’s kisses or your favorite candy on the front seat of their chair
  • Tuck a favorite photo of the two of you in their cereal bowl.
  • Circle the letters “I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U” on the front page of the newspaper.

2. Share the Reasons Why Your Valentine is Loved

How often do you say, ‘I love you’to those closest to you?

Whether it’s a phrase you utter daily or one that you say so rarely you can remember every single time you spoke it, there’s only so much emotion that three little words can hold.

This Valentine’s Day, go one step further and provide a few of the reasons WHY you love them or HOW they have made a difference in your life.

If a finance person were to calculate the return on investment (ROI) calculation, this type of gift would score off the charts.  Heartfelt gifts don’t cost a cent and they are likely to be read again and again.

It doesn’t matter if your words are typed or handwritten, delivered in person or by text, these ideas for sweet insights are bound to delight your loved ones.:

  • Create a list of “My Most Favorite Times We’ve Shared”
  • Write a romantic letter detailing what you thought when you met your Valentine, when you realized you loved them, something they do that makes you love them all over again…
  • Make “I love you” extra special by writing the phrase vertically on a sheet of paper (one letter on each line).  Use each letter to highlight a wonderful quality you appreciate about the person.

3. Build Excitement for Your Dinner, Show or Other Valentine's Experience

  • Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait for Christmas morning? 

Turns out we never outgrow that sensation. 

Research shows that one of the reasons why experiences may be enjoyed more than physical giftsis because people love thinking about the upcoming event and the pleasure they will derive from it. 

Some easy ways to put this into practice:

  • Make a dinner reservation…and then send them updates during the day to build excitement. …”Only 24 more hours until we are enjoying a fabulous dinner at Chez Fabulous”…”Only 12 more hours…” You get the idea.
  • Share a small gift that hints at the fun ahead:
  • If you’re taking your sweetie wine tasting for the day, gift a few chocolates with a note, “Bet these will taste fabulous with some Merlot.”
  • Preview the plan: If you have tickets to a music event, record a snippet of one of the performer’s songs and text it to your special someone, “Bet they’ll sound even better live!”
  • Write clues on slips of paper hinting at the gift and scatter them throughout the day.

4. The Way to Their Heart is Through Their Stomach

On the sweetest of holidays, there are an endless number of options for incorporating food into the celebration.

That old adage, “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  Turns out the same is true of women!

Don’t worry if you’re not a gourmet chef!   Any time you make someone’s favorite dish, it shows you care about what matters to them.

Another option?

Heart-shaped foods have been proven to make people smile (maybe not scientifically, but certainly anecdotally!).

  • Serve a Valentine’s-inspired menu for dinner: Sweet Pork Tacos, Hearts of Palm Salad and Roasted Red Potatoes 
  • brownies into the shape of a heart.
  • Make a heart out of strips of bacon.
  • Add a mushy note to a pint of ice cream.  (“You make my heart melt”)
  • Make their favorite food and serve it on a plate with a love note written in Sharpie.(It’s easy to do on most porcelain plates and wipes off with some dish soap and scrubbing.  Test first on the back of the plate though so there are no surprises.)
  • Write “I love you” on a banana. 
  • Write “Six Ways I Love You” on a six-pack of beer

5. Sweet Words Make for Extra Sweet Gifts

Share your sweetest thoughts or borrow one of these unforgettable quotes.  

Who cares if the words were first uttered by Emerson and not you? It just matters that you took the time to share it.  You could:

  • Write a sexy message in lipstick on the bathroom mirror
  • Send a steamy text to him mid-morning…and then another…and another…to preview what awaits him when he gets home.
  • Cut out a paper heart and doodle away
  • Turn your favorite poem or song lyrics into a feast for the eyes with Word Clouds. (I must confess, I adore WordClouds and technology has made them easier than ever to make.  Kudos to WordArt for an incredibly easy-to-use site that offers lots of flexibility.)

6. Last Minute VD Gift Ideas for Her: The Quickest, Easiest Ways to Please Your Sweetie

Pressed for time and/or money? Did you just realize you need a gift within the next 15 minutes? (Yep, we’ve all been there!) Get something that speaks to the possibilities ahead.

  • Enlarge a favorite photo (CVS, Walgreens, Costco can all do this in minutes) of the two of you and write a romantic message. A giant wedding photo with “Sweetie, that was the best decision of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day.”
  • Grab a few scratch-off lottery tickets at the nearest gas station or grocery store.  Give them with a note offering ideas for romantic ways to spend the winnings…
  • Get an iTunes gift card (easily found in grocery store, a gas station or on Amazon) and put together a list of a few special songs that have meaning to the two of you. Tell your sweetie you can’t wait to enjoy them together, and maybe even dance the night away. 
  • Grab their favorite magazine and sign them up for a monthly gift subscription.  When completing the subscription information, embellish the subscriber’s name.  For example, instead of sending a Sports Illustrated subscription to John Doe, you would send it to “John Hunk-a-Hunk-a-Burnin-Love Doe”.  Every month, he’ll be reminded of how hot he is!

    (Note:  There’s an added benefit to this: when other mail starts arriving addressed to “John Hunk-a-Hunk-a-Burnin-Love”, you’ll also know which companies have sold their mailing list with your information on it.

  • Grab a blank notebook/notepad and draw a big giant heart with your names in it. Yes, it may seem juvenile, but in this increasingly digital world, a handwritten doodle is even more charming. 

7. Alexa, What Should I Do for Him for Valentine's Day?

Alexa, what should I do for him for Valentine’s Day?

If paper hearts and doilies are too low tech for you, there are lots of ways you can add some love to their favorite device.

  • Program Alexa to share sweet nothings.
  • Add a love note to the home screen of their smartphone.
  • Add a sexy note to their computer charger.  “Baby, you give me a charge when you __________”
  • Position their power cord in a shape of heart with a note in the center—
    “You power my heart!”

February 14th is Just One Day of Many

The 24 hours that make up February 14th are just 0.27% of the year.

Doing something extra special can help you deepen your relationships and let them know how much they mean to you the other 99.73% days.

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