A Birthday Gift for a Fifty Year Old who “Needs” Nothing

A good friend reached the half-century milestone recently and the invitation said, “No gifts necessary, though alcohol is always appreciated.”  Since I’m a firm believer in getting the person what they ask for, the gift was obvious—alcohol!

The Birthday Boy Man’s drink of choice was vodka, so I put together a gift basket filled with a variety of vodkas—from well-known to boutique brands. To make the gift a lot more fun, I added a few mixers, some “smiling” limes and then tucked in birthday balloons, ribbons and sunglasses. I was worried a birthday card might be overlooked in a box that big (36” x 24”), so I ended up jotting birthday wishes on a party hat which ended up being much more festive.  A friend and I went in on the gift—a great way to make your gift giving dollars go farther and save time!

scotty gift basket wm
scotty hat lime wm

Not only was this gift something he wanted, it was stuff that put the fun into functional!

And what did the Birthday Man think of the gift?  Based on his thank you note with the enclosed photo, I think it’s safe to say he’ll make good use of all the items in the basket.

scotty thank u

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