A Gift Guaranteed to Move Your Loved One to Tears

I never thought Kleenex could MAKE me cry, but they did.

One of my dearest friends recently moved out of the country for an extended period of time. She and her family had been planning this adventure for a while, and their romantic notion of living abroad and experiencing another culture was nearly thwarted by the seemingly never-ending details that were required to make it happen—visas, plane tickets, living accommodations, healthcare, how to put their life on hold here, necessary orthodontia appliances for the kids…and did I mention they brought their dog with them???

Before my friend left, she gave me what seemed like a rather odd gift—a tissue dispenser. Admittedly, it was a fun design—orange in color and shaped like a bomb. But still…did she think we would need lots of tissues as we said our final goodbyes?

orange tissue bomb wm

It turned out that the orange bomb tissue dispenser was one of the most special gifts I have ever received. My sweet friend, who had a zillion things going on in the weeks before she left, took the time to write lovely sentiments on each of the tissues inside the dispenser. Every time I pulled one out, I got to share a private moment with one of the most special people in my life. Some notes made me laugh; others made me cry. My favorite notes were the ones that reminded me how very well she knows me.

orange bomb notes wm

If you’re looking for a gift as special as your loved one, steal this idea! It’s a great way to put the fun into a functional gift and bomb them with lots of love!

2 thoughts on “A Gift Guaranteed to Move Your Loved One to Tears”

  1. What an amazing gift and message! Knowing you both, I can truly imagine how special this gift would be to you. Our friends are our blessings!

    BTW, does the bomb really dispense Kleenex?

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