An Easter Dessert for Your Peeps

Who doesn’t love their name in lights…or in this case, brownies!

I love personalizing things because people genuinely seem delighted to see their name somewhere unexpected.  Very often the person will say something like, “Ooh!  Is that for me?”  Of course it is!

Have you ever seen those plastic license plates that kids attach to the back of their bikes?  Sure, Taylor, Madison and Ashley can find their names…but what about Sedona, Elin or Drake?

Personalization solves this problem because you can put EXACTLY what you want on the (edible) item.  Know someone with an unusual spelling of their name?  No problem!  Know someone with an uncommon name?  Not an issue!  You can even put special messages or nicknames, anything from “Best Dad” to “Sweetiepie.”

Let your special ones know how special they are this Easter.  There’s also a benefit for you as well—egg-shaped brownies leave yummy scraps that would be a shame to waste!

easter brownies wm

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