What Should I Bring I Bring? Best Hostess Gift Ideas this Thanksgiving

Yay!  You scored an invite to Thanksgiving dinner!

You’re fortunate to be able to gather with friends and/or family and share a delicious meal.

You also get to enjoy the fruits of your hostess’ labor.

While you get to sleep in late, catch some parade action and check out ESPN for the pre-game scouting report, your hostess has likely awakened before dawn to put the bird in the oven and start making the first of many side dishes.

She’s spent the two days before setting a handsome holiday table and baking an assortment of pies.

By the time she goes to sleep tonight, she will have spent DOZENS of hours shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning up from Thanksgiving dinner and probably wondered more than once, ‘Wouldn’t it just be easier to go out for dinner?”

Express your appreciation for all your hostess has done to make a memorable Thanksgiving Dinner.  Give one of the gifts below and not only will you be considered a thoughtful guest, I bet you’ll be invited back next year!

A Thanksgiving banner and stand-we love this fun and festive banner that will brighten up any home.  The best news is that it comes with the Anywhere banner stand which means the hostess can put it on the Thanksgiving table, kitchen counter or wherever SHE wants.


Say it with flowers!-a tried and true hostess gift that never fails to delight.  I’m always a fan of sending flowers BEFORE the event so the hostess can decide if/how to incorporate them into her table setting or decorations.


Thanksgiving Wreath-Whether the hostess’ taste is country or contemporary, a tasteful holiday wreath works in any setting.  This is a great item to send ahead of Thanksgiving.


Cake standI love, love, love cake stands!  They make even the simplest dessert or appetizer look more elegant and somehow taste better.  Anyone who entertains would love one…or two!  🙂

Thanksgiving Wine Charms-these put the fun into functional and make sure no one accidentally finishes your glass of chardonnay.  These would make a great hostess gift because it’s not something most people would buy for themselves…but they are adorable!


Pumpkin Cocotte
-For the hostess who appreciates a festive table, this pumpkin “cocotte” (a heavy enamel pot that also doubles as a serving piece) could hold anything from soup to sweet potatoes.  I received one as a gift several years ago and it sits proudly on my stove from Halloween to Thanksgiving.

A Book to Celebrate the Season-there are a wide variety of books that would make thoughtful hostess gifts.  From books on pies to gratitude to football, there’s a title for everyone.  (Help, Thanks, Wow is an awesome read and appropriate for anyone religious, agnostic or still searching.)



Thanksgiving Cupcake Kit-For a hostess with little ones–or even big ones!–this would be a great gift to ship ahead of time.  Think how cute some cupcakes would look on the dessert table.  Meri Meri is one of my favorite companies and this kit shows off their creative talents.


Thanksgiving Silliness If you want a truly memorable gift, opt for the chef hat or the referee hat-–the pair might even make a great his and hers gift.  Not exactly what the Pilgrims wore, but sooooo much more entertaining in photos.  To get more people in on funny pictures, check out the Thanksgiving photo booth props.


Chef Toques and Apron-Does your hostess make an amazing Thanksgiving dinner every year?  A toques and apron specifically for the occasion just might become a family heirloom.




Kid-Friendlyheaded to a dinner with lots of kids?  Grab some Mad Libs!  Silly, fun and appropriate for any age.  Want to keep the kids–and some adults!—entertained for a while?  The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie is a classic that will be more popular than ever given the recent release of the Peanuts movie on the big screen.




Caramel Pumpkin Swirl Candlecaramel, pumpkin…and no calories!  This is a great gift for the hostess you don’t know very well, because anyone can find room for another candle.

Something sweet-so many choices!  You could opt for popcorn with a whole lot of Thanksgiving love added or, if chocolate is a favorite, Pumpkin Pie Truffles are perfect for the season.  And if you are inclined to make something, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND whipping up a batch of Salted Caramel Sauce (aka Liquid Love) which I believe is the most perfect food in the world.

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If you are looking to combine several gifts into a presentation that makes a statement, a basket or wooden crate always makes a great choice.   You may also want to consider wrapping everything in cellophane and adding some basket fill (aka “crinkles”) to complete the look, as well as to help keep your gift items stable.

(Quick buying tip:  when comparing prices on wrapping materials, always remember to look at how much you are getting; for example, check out the number of feet of cellophane, or number of ounces of basket fill.  I’d much rather save money on wrapping materials and put it towards the gift!)

Happy Thanksgiving!  And please have a slice of pecan pie for me!