The Very BEST Valentine’s Day Gifts from Amazon Prime

Do you think Jeff Bezos buys gifts for his Valentine on Amazon?

Nah…he probably has an entire household staff that takes care of his shopping!  😉

Though you probably don’t have the financial means of a gazillionaire, you CAN enjoy the convenience of shopping online with Amazon Prime this Valentine’s Day.

Choose Heartfelt Gifts for Her, Especially on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a distinctly different holiday.

As a celebration of love, the day is perfect for meaningful, heartfelt gifts.

Whether you give a hand-crafted card, treat them to a special dinner or gift a book with a sexy love note tucked inside, this day is meant for the personal touch.

The best news?

There’s a simple way you can add a whole lot of personality to any gift—AND it only takes a minute!

Any Gift Becomes Sweeter When You Add a Personal Touch, Especially on Valentine's Day

Any gift can go from good to great if you share the REASON you gave it.

Let’s see how this might work with an example:

Imagine it’s Valentine’s Day and you gift a copy of War and Peace to your sweetheart who enjoys reading.

If your sweetie is a fan of Russian historical fiction, it might make perfect sense.  If not, you might receive a raised eyebrow or a quizzical look. 

Now, imagine gifting the same book, whose first edition clocked in at 1,238 (!) pages.

Tucked inside the front cover of the book is a note that reads,

“I look forward to spending many nights curled up by the fire with you, so I picked the longest book I could find. Happy Valentine’s Day My Sweet.”

…not only would you get a much sweeter reaction, you might even go from reading in front of the fire to the bedroom.  😉

Below are some gift ideas you can use as Valentine’s Day inspiration.  They’re all available on Amazon and, as of this writing, have free Prime shipping.   

Happy Gifting! 

Best Valentine's Day Gifts from Amazon Prime

Now that diet sodas have become the new smoking, people are drinking a lot more water.  The only problem?  Sometimes water is just…water.  Infusing the water with fruit or cucumbers can be a nice change and a leak-proof bottle is a always a welcome addition.

As we continue counting steps and tracking heart rates, Fitbits seem as ubiquitous as the Timex watches of our youth.  

Make their day by giving them a replacement band so their Fitbit functionality increases by doubling as a piece of jewelry.  (I got the band below as a Christmas gift and I love it.)

For the Valentine you want to know ALL of…

I’ve found myself recommending this 23andMe DNA kit as a gift again and again, especially for the person who’s hard to buy for someone who’s looking to get rid of “stuff”, not acquire more.  

With a simple swab of your cheek, this kit can help someone understand their history and provide helpful health information as well.

How fun would it be to find this mug waiting for you on the counter on Valentine’s Day?  

Place a love note—or several!–inside for an even bigger surprise.

If you grew up in the United States, Sweethearts candies are synonymous with Valentine’s Day.  

Save yourself a trip to the store and order them for your kids or as a retro treat for a sweet adult.

Though many people say, “I love you,” not many people say the specific things they love about someone.

Whether it’s their gorgeous brown eyes, their uncanny ability to always find a great parking spot or the fact that they get up early to drive the kids to school so you can sleep in, this little book can help them understand the qualities you most appreciate.

Whether your girl uses this journal for school or just displays it on nightstand, she will know how loved she is.  

What more could anyone want?!

A sweet gift with no calories!  These fuzzy socks are perfect for a cold winter’s night and put the fun into functional.

This book is just the ticket for that moody teenager who you sometimes have a hard time talking to.  Also works well for pleasant teenagers!  😉

For your favorite musician, a guitar pick that’s sure to hit the right chord. 

If the thought of having to go into a card store makes you weary, you will be pleased to know that Hallmark has a selection of cards on Amazon, including this one with laser-cut wood.

From the kitchen to the bedroom and everywhere in between, a candle has the power to make any day brighter and smell better!

For a sexy gift that doubles as a time machine back to 1987, this card features a playable 45rpm vinyl record.  

Featuring ‘Need You Tonight’ and ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ on the B side, the blast from the past courtesy of INXS will leave them tapping their toes.

Remember the days when you used to get ACTUAL mail in your mailbox?!  

Go retro and gift these charming notecards.  

Who knows?  The lucky recipient might even send YOU one as a thank you note! Valentine’s Day cards to your nearest and dearest or use them all for your significant other.  Whatever your plan, these charming illustrations are sure to elicit a smile.

Headed on a long car ride?

Want a gift that will keep the kids off their phones for a while AND make adults feel nostalgic?  

Madlibs to the rescue!

An unexpectedly romantic gift, this charming couples journal allows each person to take turns asking and answering questions.  

It’s true!  Chocolate does make everything better!

Gift a box of the classic Valentine’s Day treat to your special someone and hope they’re willing to share!

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