These Coworker Gift Ideas Are Sure to Warm Hearts and Make their Promotion Taste Even Sweeter

Dear Lisa,  

I’m looking for some ideas and since you’ve had some great ones, thought I would reach out.   

We have 9 people on our team that were promoted. I wanted to send each of them something as a congratulations.  

Any ideas?  Don’t want to spend a ton of $.  $15 or under per person.  

Thank you!!


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Dear Suzanne, 

How wonderful that you want to recognize your co-workers!  😊

Play It Safe When Giving Gifts in the Office

I always recommend playing it safe with gifts for people you work with–nothing that has a remote connection to sex, politics or religion.  (Save those gifts for your friends!  😅

 Some general ideas for categories:

  • Something handy for the office-mug, water bottle, pen
  • Something inspirational-book, calendar, journal
  • Something fun-a desk toy, deck of cards
  • Something edible-snack mix, chocolates

I’ve gathered some specific examples below to get you started.  I tried to find items that met your pricing guideline, but please double check prices!

Happy gifting and I hope your co-workers are as thoughtful to you!


Coworker Gift Ideas for $25 or less: Functional, Focus, Fun and Food

Cute cards…and there are 10 of them in this set!

Funny mug…though not appropriate for all offices!

Fun book…which also comes in calendar form!

She believed she could so she did cup.  I love that this comes with a metal straw and straw cleaner!  

This journal would be fun to pass around and have coworkers include their memories.

This mug makes their new job official…and gives them an instant conversation starter with colleagues. 

A stylish copper mug (Moscow mules at the Friday afternoon meeting anyone? 🤠or another version that lets them know they’re awesome too.

Affirmations for work…a quirky, but fun gift.  I received the Unicorn Affirmators as a gift and I love them!

I really enjoyed reading this book which was widely seen to be one of the best business books of 2018.  

(I guess it can’t hurt to have testimonials from Bill Gates and Tony Robbins—on the front cover!  😀  )

Just in case they need help making decisions at the next level!

Books on leadership so they can continue to rock the next level!  This one is a classic…this one a contemporary favorite.



Everyone can use stickies, right?

Give them a gift that will make them even more powerful!

Whatever you get, I’m sure it will be a hit!  🙂

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  1. Thanks, Lisa, these are some wonderful ideas! I will check them out! I really appreciate the hyperlink to the websites to make buying easier!

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