creative easter basket

Creative Easter Baskets: Easy as 1, 2, 3

When I was a kid, an Easter basket was pretty simple:  a chocolate bunny and some jelly beans. We’d scarf down the black jelly beans while trying to break off the bunny ears.  Nowadays, the sky’s the limit when it comes to Easter baskets—Anything from candy to games to festive socks!

To make your basket something special:

  1. Grab a fun basket/tin/container.  If you like, add shredded Easter “grass.” You can even find edible Easter grass in the candy aisle.
  1. Pick a theme for the basket. The key benefits of selecting a theme:
    -The theme unites the various items and results in a basket with greater impact
    -You save time selecting items for the basket because the theme will be your guide
  1. Choose Easter basket goodies in support of your theme.  Target, Walmart, Amazon Prime, Michaels, Jo-Ann’s, World Market and your local bookstore or toy store all have a wide variety of items to fit every budget.


Ideas for Easter Basket themes:

The Classic-a stuffed animal, a chocolate bunny, Peeps, plastic eggs filled with jellybeans. It’s a classic for a reason—it works as well today as when you were a kid.

PlayfulSilly String, Play-doh, Silly Putty, Twister, deck of cards

Outdoor PlayChalk, bubbles, Frisbee, jump rope, inflatable ball, foam boomerang

Looking Goodmanicure set, nail polish in fun colors, pens to decorate nails, pony tail holders; headbands

Games of Yesterday and Today-a favorite toy from younger days (Legos, Pokemon cards, Thomas the Tank train, Barbie doll…), a board game (my family still loves Trouble!); Easter Bunny Popper toy; iTunes/Android gift card

Creative Inspiration-washi tape; glitter; stickers; notecards; markers; ribbons; coloring book; beads; string

Family FunJelly Belly Sampler Gift Box; age appropriate games such as Bananagrams, Boggle, Taboo or Uno; jigsaw puzzle; bunny ears for all are a nice touch and make for a fun photo

Bake Something Special-apron, cookie cutters, cupcake liners, sprinkles, baking spatula

Green Thumb-seed packets; seedlings; gardening gloves; gardening tools; flower pots

Anyway you go, an Easter basket is sure to be appreciated and some-bunny will surely thank you!