Do This NOW to Rock Valentine’s Day

Last night, I was out with friends and one of the guys was going on and on about how busy he was. He opened up the calendar on his phone, and started rattling off upcoming events:

“Speech in LA” [swipe]; “Board meeting in San Diego” [swipe]; “Press conference for a joint venture launch”…

On and on he went, until he got to Thursday, February 14th.

“Uh oh. Valentine’s Day.”  

Uh oh?

It turns out he didn’t have a plan and didn’t think he had time to make one. This wouldn’t be a problem except he knew that his wife and daughter would be disappointed if the day came and went without any sort of Valentine’s Day gesture.  (Knowing his lovely wife, I can tell you with certainty she were hoping for a special, meaningful gift.  A heartfelt one that showed how much she mattered to him.)

I told him there was an easy fix, and there is! It’s not rocket science by any means, but sometimes it’s the simplest things that work the best. I’m happy to share it since YOU are likely to have someone who is hoping to be remembered.

Ready, set, here goes:

Schedule time on your calendar to make it happen. Right NOW.

You might block off 30 minutes to write a love letter. Maybe you put an hour-long appointment on your calendar to get a gift at your sweetie’s favorite store. Heck, even if it’s waking up 15 minutes early on Valentine’s Day to make coffee and deliver it to your special someone in bed with a handwritten note with the “Top 5 Reasons I Love You.”  Do whatever works best with your style and your schedule.  You can find inspiration online, in a store window, or just thinking back to a special memory the two of you shared.

The key to making this work is, of course, actually putting the time on your calendar. By doing so, you are making a tacit agreement with yourself to celebrate your Valentine. Even better? You now have dedicated time on your schedule to accomplish it, which means it’s also a lot less stressful.

Brendon Burchard, the best-selling author and motivational speaker with over 10M Facebook friends, often says, “People want to know they lived, they loved, they mattered.”  

Valentine’s Day is a great time to show them.