How to Easily Find Great Holiday Gifts

How to Easily Find Great Holiday Gifts: GUARANTEED

Whatever you are doing when you read this, I can pretty much guarantee my 12-year old daughter would like to trade places with you.


Though you may be stuck in traffic or wading through an overstuffed inbox, she is Getting Braces right now.  She’s been dreading this day since she lost her last baby tooth several weeks ago.


Even worse, this is her Second Round of Braces (our orthodontist breaks up the treatment into two parts), which somehow, Dante forgot to include as one of the nine circles of hell. (Maybe there should be a 7th grade version of the Inferno?)


If the idea of heading to the mall to do your holiday shopping sounds about as much fun as getting braces, you’re not alone.  Surveys consistently show that the majority of people find holiday shopping to be overwhelming, stressful and difficult.  After the historic election we just witnessed, more stress is the last thing anyone needs.


I created “The Quick Start Guide to Easy and Joyful Gift Giving”  because I believe that gift giving should be a great experience ANY time of year. It’s filled with the best strategies and tips to help you accomplish your gift giving faster and with greater enjoyment than ever. 


Just imagine! Instead of scrolling through page after page on Amazon, hoping something might catch your eye as a possible gift for someone, you could spend more time doing whatever makes your holiday season the happiest.  🙂


Whether you’re in need of a gift list that will help you breeze through your shopping or are looking for ways to have more fun wrapping, it’s in there!


Here’s hoping your holiday season if off to a great start.



If you happen to pass by a candy shop, please enjoy a caramel or two. My daughter has calculated that she won’t be able to enjoy one again until sometime in June of 2018.



My girl already made me promise that I’ll make her “Bye Bye Braces Brownies” like I did for her brother.



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