Egg-stra Special Easter Gift Ideas

Other than children hoping the Easter Bunny remembered them, few people regard Easter as a big gift-giving holiday. This is part of the reason why I love Easter…there’s no expectation that you HAVE to get a gift for someone; you get something for someone only if you WANT to. As such it’s hard to mess up an Easter gift—most likely the recipient wasn’t expecting anything!

Whether you want to brighten someone’s day or are headed to a friend’s house for dinner and want to bring a hostess gift, here are some Easter gift ideas:

Flowers/Plants-Spring’s arrival brings many beautiful flowers/plants to give as an Easter gift. Flowers brighten any room and plants serve double duty as something to be enjoyed now and later. Nearly half of all the flowers given and used at Easter are lilies. Azaleas, tulips, daffodils and daisies are also quite popular.  If you do bring flowers, be sure to give them in a vase or other container so the host/hostess doesn’t have to go in search of one.

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Candy-Easter offers more candy than one could imagine (Easter is second only to Halloween when it comes to candy consumption.)  You can find jellybeans in nearly every flavor imaginable, marshmallow Peeps® galore & chocolate bunnies in all shapes and sizes. (Fun fact: 3 out of every 4 people eat the ears of the bunny first…which got me wondering…where does the other 25% of the people sink their teeth into???)

Vessel jar/glass vase filled with plastic Easter eggs or jelly beans-select an oversized vessel jar you know will complement their décor. Fill it to the top with plastic eggs or jelly beans. ​Even a simple Mason jar can make jellybeans look more festive! Grab a paint pen or permanent marker and add a monogram.

Wreath-there are beautiful options these days, whether you want fresh or dried flowers, plastic eggs, bunnies or pretty much anything else you can imagine. A wreath can be brought on Easter, sent ahead or even sent as a thank you gift.

Fruit basket-healthy, handsome & practical!  Order one or assemble yourself using in-season fruits and nuts.

Easter cocktail napkins-select a few packs of fun napkins & tie together with a festive bow.  Include a bottle of wine or a favorite spirit if you like.

Caramel saucemy new favorite gift for all occasions! Pair with some fruit or popcorn for a sweet delight!

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As the Easter Bunny will tell you, any Easter gift is a thoughtful gesture!

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