Transform an Ordinary Gift Card into an Extraordinary Gift

Hey!  Hey you there with the gift card in your hand!  Whatcha doin’?  Yes, I know that you need a gift for your brother/friend/cousin for an upcoming event.  And I know the person you are giving the gift card to probably does shop at that particular store or website.

BUT…will that gift card make the person feel special?  Will that gift card bring the two of you closer together?

Gift cards have many wonderful benefits.  They require very little shopping & allow the recipient to select the item he or she wants at a particular store.   Gift cards are easy to wrap, easy to mail & don’t require that you remember to ask for a gift receipt.  Heck, you don’t even need to know someone’s size or favorite color and the gift card will still fit.

BUT…just giving a gift card to someone denies you a precious opportunity to connect you and the recipient.  You are missing out on a chance to really show the person that you are aware of what makes him or her smile. Yes, you may know the person likes to download music from the iTunes store…but so do millions of other people.

The good news?  You can take that gift card and turn it from a nice gift into a special gift that not only will delight the person, but will help connect the two of you.  You just have to do the Wrap with Love Two Step.

Not familiar with that dance move?  It’s easy.  Step one, think of something that the person might enjoy selecting with the gift card.  Using the iTunes example, you might reference the person’s favorite singer or band.  Step two, once you’ve thought of what the person likes, connect it to something you like or something you like about the recipient.  Perhaps you can mention what your favorite band was when you were their age.  Now, put it all together!

Take that iTunes gift card, put it in an envelope and include a brief note,  “Dear Cousin Steffi, I know you loved the Maroon 5 concert you went to earlier this year.  Let’s see if Adam Levine ages as well as one my all-time favorites, David Bowie.  Please use this gift card to discover your next musical heart throb!  Love, Aunt Lulu.”

Did you catch that?  Step one, you remembered your cousin attended a concert earlier in the year and had a great time.  Step two, you offered up something about yourself that can connect the two of you—in this case, handsome musicians.   Suddenly, with just a little bit of effort, you turned that generic iTunes gift card into a unique, personalized gift…and it just took you a few extra minutes!

When you reach for that gift card, remember to do the Wrap with Love Two Step.  It’s an easy way to turn those generic gift cards into personal gifts that I guarantee will be much more appreciated!

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