Great Gift Ideas for a Father’s 90th Birthday

Dear Lisa,

My father is turning 90 next month.

To celebrate, all of my siblings (plus spouses and kids) will be traveling to Florida where he and his wife live. We’ve rented a house for the week and plan to have a small party one night in honor of his birthday.

Is the fact that everyone is flying in to see him enough of a gift…or do we need to actually get him something?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Dear Robert, 

Happy Birthday to your father!

Your question is a great one that involves several tricky gifting issues:

  • A milestone birthday
  • Multiple siblings
  • A birthday gift for a senior citizen
  • Giving a gift when you are away from home

I always think a gift for a milestone birthday is a very nice gesture.

Turning 90 is an especially significant milestone, as only 30% of Americans will live long enough to celebrate that birthday.

Here are three gift ideas for you and your siblings to consider for your father’s 90th birthday:

  1. Make his heart sing with a Keepsake Birthday Memory Box filled with 90 happy memories for him to enjoy
  2. Gift a few of his most favorite things. Make it easier by drafting a gift quarterback  who provides direction.
  3. Give him a technology makeover from the group. Too often, seniors living on a fixed income can not afford to replace their device as often as they (and Apple!) might like.

To learn more about these ideas, click here.  

Best wishes for a great celebration!


PS  Decide with your siblings PRIOR to arriving in Florida how you’re going to handle the birthday gift for your father!  😀

2 thoughts on “Great Gift Ideas for a Father’s 90th Birthday”

  1. This is terrific advice and I will use it for my mom’s birthday in October.
    I am so happy to have stumbled upon your blog.

  2. Thanks for the awesome suggestions, Lisa!
    My father had a fantastic 90th birthday surrounded by family and friends and he loved the gift we gave him. (An iPad loaded with lots and lots of pics of his kids and happy memories)
    Birthday Butler’s thoughtful advice made my father turning 90 a truly memorable day!

    Thank you!

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