Gotta Get a Gift? Holiday Ideas You Can Put into Action Now

My daughter sat down at breakfast this morning and announced, “FINALLY! I can start counting the days until Christmas using my fingers.”

Sure, if you’re a ten-year-old waiting for Santa come, this news IS very exciting. If, however, you are someone who has yet to decorate the tree, bake the cookies and select holiday gifts…panic is a more likely feeling. (I know, I know! Where did the time go?! It IS hard to believe that Hanukkah starts tomorrow at sunset and Christmas is NEXT Thursday.)

If you’re in need of holiday gift ideas, check out some tips I recently shared on morning television or my Gotta Get a Gift series on YouTube. If you don’t want to disturb anyone with my voice coming out of your computer (completely understandable!), check out

As it’s coming down to crunch time and you’re trying figure out how to get everything done at work AND at home, remember: we don’t have to get gifts, we WANT to get gifts to make the people we love smile. Because making the people we love happy is truly one of the greatest gifts of all.10 mistletoe wm final

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