Gotta Get a Gift? Steal My Teenaged Son’s Idea

Who is better at giving special gifts, men or women?

I’m often asked that question and my answer is always the same—neither sex has a monopoly on giving great gifts.   Some men are thoughtful gift givers, some aren’t. Some women give amazing gifts, and some don’t.

Who is better at giving special gifts, adults or children?

I don’t have a lot of data to definitively answer the question, but I have a great example that shows that children can be amazing gift givers. I recently celebrated a birthday and my thirteen-year-old son gave me a creative & thoughtful gift that was as functional as it was sweet.

Every morning I start my day with a cup of tea. As a birthday gift, my son purchased a box of my favorite tea with his own money (I bolded it to emphasize how he said it) and then taped individual notes to the tea bags. He said he always looked forward to the note I packed with his lunch, and he thought I might enjoy a note from him with my morning tea. The notes ranged from happy memories, to things I’ve taught him, to quotes he thought I would enjoy.

WOW!  What an awesome gift! I can’t tell you how touched I was.  He took a daily ritual I did for him and then turned around and did it for me.  My eyes teared up when he said he wanted to make sure I started my day with a smile.

As you might imagine, I was a very proud mom. Yes, I loved the gift, but I was even happier that my teenager is learning how cool it is to make someone you love happy. It was one of those moments that parents hope for—your children actually putting into practice one of the lessons you’ve tried to teach them…which incidentally, is one of the key sociological reasons we give gifts: to indoctrinate people into the customs of a culture.

Want to make YOUR loved feel special? Steal this idea or modify it to meet your needs:

  • Your loved one doesn’t drink tea? Put individual notes on their beverage of choice—coffee pods, soda cans, beer bottles…
  • Want a gift with a bit more heft? Put the individually wrapped tea bags into a beautiful teapot; include a special bottle opener with the six-pack/12-pack/case of beer; place the coffee pods inside of a fun mug.
  • Cat got your tongue? If you’re stumped for what to write, go with famous quotations. One of my favorite sites is BrainyQuote which has great content and is well-organized. If your loved one is a fashionista, select quotes from famous designers. If your special someone can’t stop talking about the election, quotes by famous politicians would work well.

The cost of a French Vanilla teabag?  Around $0.20. The cost of a French Vanilla teabag with a sweet sentiment from my son?  Priceless.

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