An Updated Definition of Mother in Time for Mother’s Day

I had a giant letdown this morning.

I looked up the word “mother” in the dictionary and the definition was a “female parent.”


I’d like to offer up a more accurate description:

“An amazing woman who happily and willingly puts her children first. Exact responsibilities may vary, but are likely to include:

-An uncanny ability to go without sleep for nights on end when her baby is colicky, yet still smile at the child the next morning

-Cook of countless meals, many made with skill and precision (crusts off for Timmy; no peas for Suzi)

-Teacher of a wide variety of life skills, including how to tie a shoe, how to write a thank you note, how to do laundry and how to wash behind one’s ears

-Chief cheerleader and supporter of hundreds, potentially thousands, of school plays, sports practices, concerts and recitals

-Problem solver for some of life’s greatest mysteries—where the other shoe is; whether or not the weather is warm enough for shorts; and how to get everyone out the door in the morning in under 10 minutes flat

-Scheduling, logistics and shopping guru who is expected to remember all birthdays, if there’s milk in the frig and how to get multiple children to multiple different places at the same time

-Chauffeur extraordinaire who can repeat the same driving route again and again, without ever listening to what she wants to on the radio

-Kisser of boo-boos, mender of broken hearts, and the skills necessary to turn a frown upside down

I’m no expert, but I’m betting MY definition of a mother is a lot more recognizable to most people. I can only assume that the nice dictionary folks just didn’t have room enough for everything.

Happy Mother’s Day!  May you enjoy the many gifts of such a special day!


md happy mothers day

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