How Can I Set a Gorgeous Table? A Step by Step Guide for Thanksgiving

Food matters… A LOT.

But a delicious meal always tastes better in a gorgeous environment.  Especially if you’re having company!

Setting a beautiful table is easy with these simple steps:

Start with a tablecloth or some fabric-tablecloths come in various shapes and sizes. Pick the shape that you need and measure the length and width of your tabletop to know what size will work best.  If you don’t have a tape measure handy, you can check out the back of the tablecloth package to see how many place settings will fit.  You can also use fabric if you like. You may find that 54″ wide home decorating fabric works particularly well on larger larger tables.

Select an oversized focal point-an ideal focal point for your table is something that is oversized in height and width so that it will make an impact on your guests.  Some ideas include a floral arrangement, a tiered tray, or decorative boxes.

Add candles-some natural light always makes a table sparkle. Tapered candles or pillars work well, but the easiest option is usually lots of votive candles scattered about.   Be sure to put the votive candles inside of candle holders or glass jars (wax is no fun to clean up!)

Include some flowers or greenery-Incorporating flowers or greenery into your table setting will literally add life to your table.   Small groups of flowers,  branches or greens add a fresh element that will make your guests smile.   For Thanksgiving, small pumpkins are always adorable.

Scatter bits of interest-one of my favorite things to do is add some sort of “scatter” or little bits of interest on your table.  You could do something as easy as confetti or leaves.

Now that your backdrop is gorgeous, you just need to add the familiars:

  • Plates/bowls
  • Napkins
  • Forks, knives, spoons
  • Glassware

You may also want to add place cards at each place setting if you like.

Of course, there are those occasions when you wish someone would just do it for you.  Check out the gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece from our good friends at Birthday Butler.



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