Just Do It with a Mother’s Day Gift


Groaning about having to get a Mother’s Day gift?  Struggling with what to write in the card?


Several years ago, I had the opportunity to hear legendary newscaster Brian Williams ask three of the most influential men in the world a simple question, “Who is your role model?”


The man who co-founded the largest shoe and athletics company in the world replied, “My mother.”


The man who put a Starbucks on practically every street corner answered, “My mother.”


A New York Times columnist and winner of not one, but two, Pulitzer prizes said, “My mother.”


A while later, the same question was asked by then former and now current Governor of California.  “My mother is my role model,” he responded.


I have no doubt that the mothers of Phil Knight, Howard Schultz, Nicholas Kristof and Jerry Brown were/are all amazing women in their own right.  But I was struck at how these enormously successful and powerful men singled out their mothers above all others as being their role model.


These gentlemen recognized all their mothers did for them.  I have no doubt your mom did some cool things for you as well.  Think of the difference she made in your life and I promise finding that gift or card will be a lot easier.




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