Picture This: Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift

“Soooooo!  How did the two of you meet?”

Most couples have been asked this question more times than they can remember.

If the romance is new, the question elicits lots of breathy answers.  “You wouldn’t believe it!  We were at this party and we both reached for the last Swedish meatball at the SAME time!  What are the odds of that????”  

If the couple has many more years under their belt, they usually have a well-rehearsed anecdote at the ready and each of them will know their part like actors in a long-running play.

Whether the bloom is still on the rose of your love story…or if you have weathered many highs and lows together, here’s a unique Valentine’s Day gift idea:  make a list of your relationship milestones and then chart them out.  

You can do something fancy and framed using Shutterfly, Minted or one of the other photo services. You can use your computer (that’s how I did the image below), draw it on a piece of paper or even scribble it on a napkin while you gaze into each other’s eyes over a bottle of wine.  It’s less about format than about sentiment.  

For an especially meaningful gift, add lots of “insider information”: the time you discovered your favorite bar; the song that always gets you up on the dance floor.  If you find that you’re in need of inspiration, check out old photos or even old Facebook posts.

As many times as you’ve told the story of your love to others, this is a chance to tell the person who co-authored your story how very special they are to you…and may all your stories end happily ever after.

Lulu and Eric -red

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