Steal this Gift Idea NOW: Five Things I Love About You

I believe great gift ideas are worth stealing…and this one is simply awesome!

I was lucky enough to receive this lovely little (5” x 3”) book for my birthday from my dear, dear friend Shelley.  I was immediately intrigued by the title, “Five Things I Love About You.”  Things that are loved about ME???? Not one, not two, but FIVE???  Bring it!

The inside of the book was even cooler than I had imagined.  In each of the five compartments (or chapters?)  of the book was a card that she had written a message on, along with a small token to represent the thing/quality that she loved about me.  For instance, she loved my “ability to FILE away any number of memories, ideas or quotes–perfect recall of conversations and details” and included a small nail file.

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Wowie wow wow!  I was truly blown away by this clever, creative and heartfelt gift.  It’s hard to express how special it was to read the reasons why one of your oldest (we’ve known each other since BEFORE kindergarten!)  and dearest friends loves you.  As I read the book, I smiled, I laughed, I cried and I was truly grateful for the wonderful gift of friendship from my forever friend.

Please make someone’s day and get this gift for someone you love.  I guarantee you will have a wonderful time filling out the book and the recipient will feel like the luckiest person in the world!

The “Five Things I Love About You” book is available for purchase on Etsy at the Red4Short shop.   The artist also offers other designs and book titles, such as “Five Wishes for Your Birthday” and “Five Things I Love About Mom.”  Shelley would also want me to be sure and mention the artist is from Boise, Idaho, one of the coolest towns to live in!

things i love 1-5 wm

five things i love 1 wm


things i love about you 2 wm

things i love about you 3 wm

things i love about you 4 wm

things i love about you 5 wm

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