Wow Your Valentine with This Unforgettable Gift That ONLY You Can Give

What’s your plan for Valentine’s Day?

 If you’re like most Americans, you’ll give cards (52%), candy (48%), dinner/night out (35%) or flowers (34%). 

All told, Americans will collectively spend $13 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts. (Some of that money will even be spent on those scary looking stuffed animals sitting desperately on store shelves.)

People are Craving a Deep Connection to Others

While flowers and candy are lovely, I think what people are really craving is a deep connection to others.  

I believe what most people want is to feel they are seen, they are understood and they are loved and Valentine’s Day is a great time to remind someone how much they matter to you.

Sure, many people SAY “I love you”…

(Ever ended a phone call to a loved one with, “Okay.  I gotta go.  I’ll see you tonight for dinner. Love you. Bye.”)

But when was the last time you told someone WHY you love them?  

WHY You Love Someone is Where the Magic Lives

The reasons why we love someone give our relationship meaning, whether that’s a romantic relationship or a platonic one.

Take a moment and think of the five reasons you love your significant other–whether a spouse or your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Is it because he makes you laugh, has amazing energy, is unflinching in his beliefs, has kisses that make your knees weak and makes you feel like a princess? 

Is it because she’s the smartest person you know, has an uncanny ability to connect with anyone and everyone, possesses an endless compassion for animals, has blue eyes that still take your breath away and can unfailingly recite Shakespeare’s sonnets? 

My guess is once you get going, the hardest part will be stopping at just five reasons.

Turn The Reasons into an Unforgettable Gift for Your Sweetie

Now that you have the wonderful qualities that you love about the person, it’s time to communicate them.

You can make a card…write a letter…print it out from a Word document on your computer.

The format doesn’t really matter.  This is one time where the substance is what matters most.  (Keep reading for another solution.)

If you start getting worried that about the presentation, just think about how special your loved one will feel when reading these sentiments and how much deeper the connection between you will be.  I’m willing to bet the joy YOU experience when giving this gift is even greater. 

Wow! Now THAT’S what a Valentine’s Day gift should do!

One Little Book Bursting with Love

Which brings me to my favorite Valentine’s Day gift: a little book called “Five Things I Love About You.”  Each book contains five little envelopes with manila tags, each with a number to write your adorations on. 

You can stick to written sentiments, or you can include small little gifts to bring the feelings to life. The book is small (3” x 5”) and its petite size somehow makes it even more intimate. At a price of $10, you can’t ask for a Valentine’s Day gift that delivers greater bang for the buck. 

The artist, Connie Lee, who offers them on her Red4Short Etsy store, says she has seen her books given as gifts at parties and the reaction is overwhelming. She’s even seen guys give them as marriage proposals.

A Gift of Friendship Immortalized

This gift works well for romantic and non-romantic relationships and occasions beyond Valentine’s Day. 

I was lucky enough to receive this gift from a dear friend for my birthday. Though we’ve friends since before kindergarten, it took my breath away to read the reasons why she loved me. 

My friend also included little trinkets in each of the envelopes to symbolize the sentiment—for instance, a nail file because she admired my ability to ‘file away all sorts of information.’  Her expression of love in such a creative way sits in a place of honor on my desk.

Whatever the reasons are you love someone—let them know, whether with this charming little book; written in lipstick on the bathroom mirror; or in a handwritten note you slip into their lunchbox. 

I promise that letting someone know WHY you are glad they are a part of your life is a whole lot more meaningful and lasting this Valentine’s Day than a box of chocolates or a bunch of tulips could ever hope to be.

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