Top 10 Quick & Easy Father’s Day Gifts

1.     Help Dad feel like a king by serving him breakfast in bed.  No need to figure out how to make Eggs Benedict!  Coffee and a muffin will be enough to start his day with a smile.

bkfst in bed with d









2.     Make your gadget guy the proudest man in the room by adding a heartfelt sentiment to the base of his laptop/smartphone charger.  (You can use a label maker, stickers or even nail polish.)














3.     Let him know that in the lottery of fathers, you were lucky enough to win the grand prize.  Include the sentiment with a few lottery tickets and who knows?  Maybe one of the scratch-offs will enable you and your dad to visit some exotic locale.

lottery tix











4.    Distance is no longer an excuse to not see your dad on Father’s Day!  Give pops a call on Skype.  You can (virtually) share a meal or toast him with a glass of his favorite Cabernet Savignon.  (Friendly reminder: factor time zones in before you call only to realize you woke him up!)

toast to dad












5.     Remember when you were little and dad always made you chocolate chip cookies to celebrate a special day?  Return the favor and let him know his recipe is still the best.

choc chip cookie tray









6.    Of all the pictures we’ve ever taken, there are a few that we hold most dear.  Include the treasured photo in a frame and include a note telling dad why that memory—and him!—mean so very much to you.

pretend mother











7.     If your dad balks at Father’s Day as “just some silly day the card companies invented to sell more stuff,” how about a plate of bacon?  Untraditional? Sure.  But so is he.












8.    In our hectic lives sometimes we don’t spend enough time with the people who matter most.  Ladies, make a plan for Daddy Date Night; gentleman, start thinking about Boy’s Night Out.

daddy date night












9.    Remind dad it’s the little touches you most appreciated.  Get some Chapstick, EOS, or whatever brand of lip balm he prefers & include a note, “Thank you for 6,570 sweet good night kisses.”  (Actual number of kisses may vary.)













10.  What sports loving dad wouldn’t love a picture of his sweetie with a sweet sentiment?  (Note the football-shaped plate below.  Conveniently, any round dinner plate stands in for a baseball or a basketball.)

my dad rocks


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