Top 10 Reasons Why Birthdays Rock

Some people groan when their birthday rolls around, but not me.  I love birthdays!  Here’s why:

1.     The most important people in your life take the time to remember you in ways big and small.  
I was lucky enough to receive phone calls, texts, Facebook posts, lunch invitations, a party and, in a first, video greetings.   What a treat to be remembered by so many!

2.     Your kids surprise you in ways big and small—with no coaching from you!
My son started my day with a card he made.   The front read, “Greatness awaits” which is hard to top for a birthday wish.  My talented daughter made me a beautiful plate that she had painted.

birthdays rock greatness awaits card from z wmbirthdays rock ally platter wm

3.     The amazing creativity of great friends.
I’m so lucky to have friends that are as creative as they are wonderful.  One friend filled a gorgeous vase with favorite treats (cucumbers and licorice), another made a beautiful lei to wear at a luau party and yet another friend painstakingly decorated a lovely one-of-a-kind keepsake box (check out how many letters she individually painted and glued on!).  The time and effort they put into these gifts makes me smile just thinking about it.

birthdays rock cukes vase wm

birthdays rock lei from marci wm

birthdays rock liz box wm

4.  Sweets, sweets, sweets! 
Yes, I KNOW that broccoli, quinoa and kale are healthier than cake, macarons & cupcakes.  But who cares?!  It’s my birthday!  My new favorite birthday treat is an assortment of cupcakes or macarons which of course gives the birthday girl license to taste as many yummy flavors as she wants! 

birthdays macarons wm

birthdays rock cupcakes wm

5.  Birthdays allow you to connect with your parents in a special way.
I always love telling my mom what a great job she did on my birthday.  Sometimes she replies with a story from the day I was born; other times, it’s a reflection of all that’s happened over the years.   Either way, it’s fun to connect with someone who was not only there on the day of my birth, but made it possible.

6.  Birthday traditions that live on & on.
When I was growing up, the arrival of a birthday was always heralded by the Snoopy birthday mug being filled with Twizzlers® licorice.  This year was no different.  Our decorations, including the alphabet blocks that spell   H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y and the birthday banner were also on display…as they have been each birthday for many years. 

birthday blocks wm

birthdays kitchen banner with cards wm

7.     Self-indulgence is encouraged.
I enjoyed a fabulous manicure and pedicure and felt like it was worth every penny.  When friends asked how I spent the dayand I told them, the universal reaction was “Good for you!”

8.     Birthdays are a unifying experience.
Regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, everyone has a birthday and most people have very strong, usually positive memories on the subject.  Just ask someone, "What's the best birthday you ever had?"

9.     Once people know it’s your birthday, even strangers help you celebrate. 
A cashier asked for ID and noticed it was my birthday and wished me well.  A friend took me to lunch and gave me a gift.  The waitress noticed it was my birthday and brought over a plate of treats–including some coconut macaroons!—with a birthday candle for me to blow out.    

birthdays rock hawks treats

10.     Birthdays not only bring us into the world, they help title the chapters of our lives.
Think about the story of your life…how do you tell it?  “Well, when I was 21, I graduated from college and took a job in North Carolina; when I was 28,  I moved to California; when I was 30, I got married…”  Without birthdays, our stories would not have an organizing principle.  Never mind the obvious:  we wouldn't exist without them.

Whether your birthday is today, a few weeks away or even months away, remember:  greatness awaits!

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