When Your Ho-Ho-Ho Wants to Go-Go-Go: Reclaim Your Holiday Joy

This is Gabriella. Actually, her full name is Gabriella the Gift Goddess.

(Technically, I don’t know that her name is Gabriella…but it could be. I wondered if her name might be Lola, but I have a friend Lola and she’s blond, so I had a hard time getting past that.)

I love this picture for several reasons. Aside from it being a striking photo, the lovely woman genuinely looks as if she is surprised. Honest to goodness, “I-can’t-believe-you-got-me-such-a-fabulous-gift!” surprise. Assuming her headdress of foliage and ornaments could fit through the door, Gabriella looks as if she’s having a wonderful time and is genuinely excited to see you.

As you embark on your holiday shopping season, it’s quite possible you may find things that make you grumble…maybe some ding dong will cut you off in the parking lot and swipe your spot; perhaps you’ll encounter a cashier whose customer service skills are…lacking.

When you feel your ho-ho-ho turn to no-no-no, please think of Gabriella. Think of the surprise and excitement on her face. And remind yourself that’s what gift giving is all about: making someone in your life smile with delight. Headdress optional.

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