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Branding and Marketing Consulting

Lisa works with a range of companies who are looking to more deeply connect with their clients and customers.  Her areas of expertise include:

·      Corporate, product and entity branding

·      Experiential & shopper marketing programs and campaigns

·      Customer insights and feedback systems

·      Strategic planning

Speeches and Workshops

Extraordinary Gift Giving for Extraordinary People

Looking for ways to delight the special people in your life and connect more deeply with them?  Gift giving is an amazing way to do so.  A heartfelt gift has the power to say, “I see you.   I love you.  I’m glad you’re in my life.”   Using her “Ready, Select, Wrap” system, Lisa will provide the audience with a fun and easy way to tackle their gift giving needs with less stress and more joy.  Lisa can tailor this speech to a variety of holidays and occasions.

Target Audience:  Consumers


Unwrap This! Your Solution to Fewer Returns, Increased Sales and Greater Customer Loyalty

Too many retailers fall into the trap of wanting to sell products, instead of finding solutions that meet customers’ needs.  The more retailers can prove themselves to be a trusted advisor that the customer can turn to, the easier it will be for a retailer to meet its brand and sales objectives. 

Target audience:  Sales and marketing management


How to Transform Your Employees into Personal Shoppers Overnight

Thanks to technology, shoppers have the world at their fingertips.  Unfortunately, all that choice hasn’t made people any happier and they still have to find what it is they’re looking for.  (And sometimes they don’t even know what it is that they’re looking for!)  This training is targeted at marketing and sales management who want to learn how to get more out of their employees by helping them focus on what the consumers need, rather than what products they have to sell.  Specific focus areas will include:  customer engagement, relationship building, transforming a generic product into a special one.

Target Audience:  Sales and marketing management

Personal Gift Coaching

Do you need that perfect birthday gift to make your wife feel like a queen?  Are your parents celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and you need to find a gift that lets them know how much you love and appreciate them? 

Lisa helps clients find that ideal gift for that someone special and guarantees it will be a hit.  Lisa can advise on gift options or do everything for you—from shopping to wrapping.

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