Your Heart Might Just Break: 166 Year Old Tradition Will Be MIA this Year

Sometimes the Little Things Are What Our Hearts Notice Most

Have you heard the big news?!

No, not the government re-opening (well, at least for the next three weeks…).

The other major story that broke this week hits many of us holiday lovers where it hurts.

Ready?  Here goes…

This will be the first Valentine’s Day since 1866 that the iconic Sweethearts candy will NOT be available.


Hearts are Less Sweet this Year as Candy Production Grinds to a Screeching Halt

The short story behind this disappointing announcement goes like this…

The company that originally produced the chalky little heart candies with sayings printed on them went bankrupt in July.  

They were purchased in a bankruptcy auction by an investment firm, who in turn sold them to the current owners.

Sadly, the current owners said there wasn’t enough time to ramp up production in time for February 14th.

Any Sweethearts that you may find online or in stores were produced prior to July 2018…though I’m willing to bet that Sweethearts don’t perish easily.I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I’d hate for you to sign up to bring in the Sweethearts for the office party…or even worse, the classroom party!


It's Officially Time to Start Thinking about Valentine's Day

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We divided them into 7 categories, such as Ways to Start Their Day with a Smile, so you can quickly find the one the best meets your needs.

Until next time, here’s hoping Hershey’s doesn’t have any production problems.

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